Diegetic's new post rock space epic, The Lonely, is out now. The Lonely combines influences from emotive post rock, stoner metal, ambient, and electronic music to tell the story of a man banished from Earth, destined to spend his life alone among the stars. The six part album journeys through heavy riffs, soaring melodies, and expansive soundscapes to reach its destination, somewhere in a distant galaxy.

A war has left the Earth in ruins. After decades of conflict, cities lie smoldering, countries are torn apart, and a generation is lost. The man responsible for this war faces trial before a council of nations. He is banished to a far-off star system, destined to spend his days searching for a new planet to call home, destined to be lonely.

After a perilous journey across space, he builds an outpost on a distant, barren planet. Out of fuel, his ships' one way journey is complete. For years he lives in solitude. But finally he receives a broken signal from Earth. His sentence has been commuted and he need only send signal of his location for rescue to come.

He frantically sends his coordinates, but it is no hope. The magnetic field of his planet blocks his signal. He sits, waiting, hoping that one day someone will hear his call for rescue. Until then, he is The Lonely.


Duluth, MN
Email: diegeticmn@gmail.com